KPMG offers three services — Audit, Tax and Advisory. Each offers outstanding career opportunities to talented people looking for an exciting and rewarding career helping businesses grasp opportunities and address challenges. In which area could you build a great career?

  • Audit


    Unprecedented transformation in markets and regulations has increased the complexity — and risk — of financial reporting. That is why many organizations rely on KPMG LLP's Audit Services and our Quality Audit. Our audit approach combines deep industry-specific knowledge, a global methodology, and an information-rich technology environment. This helps our clients manage financial reporting risk, while offering insights to help them pursue their business goals.

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  • Tax


    Today's tax environment presents a world of challenges. Helping organizations manage their tax issues on this global scale takes in-depth experience and technical know-how. That's why many companies around the world turn to KPMG. They know we can provide the advice they need to help manage complex tax issues, identify growth opportunities, and implement the best decisions for their businesses.

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  • Advisory


    Complexity is a constant in today's business environment. Working through complexity — to create business value and manage risk — requires clarity. That's the kind of clarity organizations find with KPMG LLP's Advisory Services. They know our insights and guidance will help them understand the changes that affect their businesses. And cut through complexity to drive sustainable business value.

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