Corporate responsibility

At KPMG LLP, we believe corporate responsibility is the platform that best influences how we engage with—and the impact we have on—our people, the clients we serve, the communities in which we live, and our environment. It includes the values that guide us, the decisions we make, our actions within and beyond the firm, and the consequences that result.

Built on four pillars—Integrity, Corporate Citizenship, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Environment—our commitment to corporate responsibility conveys the essential character of our firm, and guides the actions we're taking to help ensure a sustainable future.

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Corporate Responsibility
"Enterprise Sustainability"

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Corporate Responsibility
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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

KPMG's community involvement programs are as varied as they are heartfelt. In the aftermath of devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, KPMG's people gave their time and their money to aid colleagues and families directly affected. Hundreds of other examples, less well-known but with a similar impact, demonstrate their deep commitment to helping those who are less fortunate. Whether mentoring at-risk high school students in Dallas; serving meals to more than 800 homeless people in Los Angeles; or collecting, boxing, and distributing food and household goods in Atlanta, KPMG's people follow their hearts every day to get involved, assist others, and change lives.