Employee Career Architecture

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KPMG has created and launched a comprehensive, Web-based career-development environment called Employee Career Architecture (ECA). ECA recognizes that high-performers are constantly looking ahead to the next challenge and demanding to know what it will take to move to the next level of their careers.

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ECA is a resource-rich environment featuring descriptions of the types of skills, experiences and capabilities needed to take on any particular role. At the center of ECA is the "Build Your Career Path" tool, which delivers an interactive mapping capability that allows a user — at any stage of his or her career — to explore both traditional and non-traditional "next steps" on their own career path.

The "Build Your Career Path" tool puts a lot of information — and decision-making power — in the hands of the individual to help tie in those expected skills and capabilities with future roles so the individual can know exactly what formal training or experiences to aim for to be in the best position to reach for that next opportunity.

Launch the Employee Career Architecture site now to begin exploring your future with KPMG! Through ECA, you will have access to the interactive Career Path mapping tool, snapshots of many roles at KPMG, and in-depth guidance and resources designed to help you explore your career options. A tutorial of the ECA tool is also available.