Future Diversity Leaders

KPMG's Future Diversity Leaders (FDL) program is a structured leadership development and scholarship program for 60 high-achieving minority freshmen and sophomore college students in business curriculums. Participants receive both financial support and professional support through mentoring relationships with FDL faculty advisors and KPMG professionals. The FDL program begins with a three-day leadership conference hosted by KPMG in Hollywood, CA, focused on preparing high-potential students with the skills and perspective to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

The FDL program represents a multiyear commitment to participants and can result in tremendous opportunities to launch a challenging and rewarding career in business.

Each FDL participant will have the opportunity to participate in up to three summer internships and receive as much as $6,000 in scholarships. Students who successfully complete their internships and maintain their high academic achievement will receive a full-time job offer at KPMG.

To be eligible, students must have demonstrated strong academic performance, leadership skills, and a commitment to diversity. Similar to the PhD Project, which encourages minorities to pursue advanced degrees and increases diversity in the teaching ranks at business programs, the Future Diversity Leaders program is focused on increasing the diversity of the corporate arena. Future Diversity Leaders encourages students to consider pursuing a career in business, while preparing those same high-potential students to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

Our Future is Diverse

Our Future is Diverse

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